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Join the West Chelsea Festival of Art celebration with the premiere of the Bowery Film Festival Awards Ceremony, Friday, November 10th, 2023.

November 10th, Time: 6:00 - 9:00 P.M., Location: 530 West 25th Street
Bowery Film Festival, (the “most radical film festival in NYC”) will present its awards ceremony with a screening of experimental art films, music videos, panel discussion, and live music. A screening of short films include the experimental films “Awake at Night ”, “Mystery of Art” and "Meshes of the After". New York City award-winning filmmakers Alexis Karl, Meg Case, and Andrea Diaz will be featured and in attendance.

During the month of November the West Chelsea Festival of Art will be presenting the first annual Art Festival in the historic gallery district. The festival will highlight and showcase a curated selection of events and programs from over 100 participating artists presenting artworks in the form of visual art, film, fashion, music, dance, spoken word, performance among other mediums.
Join the West Chelsea Festival of Art in celebrating the creative persistence of New York City’s West Chelsea gallery district – Nov. 10th through Dec. 1st. Check the Events, Schedules & Locations page for a list of the event's dates, times, and locations.

 Special highlights of the festival include Isis Swaby (Daughter of Dub Founder Augustus Pablo), XHOSA, NIKKI DA GOD aka NEFFERNIKKI (as seen on MTV/VH1), PaperBoyPrince (The Rapper running for President), Julia Sinelnikova "Oracle," OR NAH, METAGASM, Elf of NYC, SUN GOD SHAMAN, Bri Frei, Grace Roselli’s Pandora’s BoxX Project, GOOD.W.Y.N.; New York City’s “Spin Sisters” Fanny and Clau Perez, historical feminist art pioneer Nancy Azara, Kaleb Tank and Electric Djinn.


Over one hundred New York City artists coming together to present a spectacle of art in the historic

West Chelsea Gallery District.


West Chelsea Festival of Art Participating Artists

  Denise Jones Adler
King Adonnis
Nigel Ahmad
Marya Alta
Luna Alvaro
Ken Anderson
Ruth Antrich
George Anastasov
Francisca Arentsen
Anna Augustsson
Nancy Azara
Naomi Ben-Sharar
Erik Bergrin
Jarid Blue
Uta Brauser
Irish Brosch
Adrian Buckmaster
Maria Buyondo
Carmen Cambrelen
Chris Carr
Katie Cercone (aka “OR NAH”)
Cliff Chase
Catherine Chen
Eteri Chkadua
Gocha Chkadua
Cindy Clements
Tom Cocotos
(Juan) CondorMulticolor
Charlotte Courtiss “Cool French Girl”
Dance to the People
Connie Danger
Deity Delgado: Delgado HQ
Ronit Levin Delgado
Alexandria Deters
Electric Djinn
Christiane Dolores (Not-White Collective)
Eileen Dover
Sunshine Monié El
Verónica Santiago Moniello
ELF of Nyc
Jonathan Feldschuh
Fran Flaherty
Claire Fleury (aka "CURIOUS ORANGE")
Bibi Flores
Jonathan Feldshuh
Krys Fox
Bri Frei
IxChelseann Fulcará
Mary Gaines
Beth Galton
Elisa García de la Huerta
Victor Giganti
Marcus Glitteris
Nicole Goodwin (aka “GOODW.Y.N”)
Carlos Gonzalez
Rebecca Goyette
Ralf Graebner
Carlos Grajeda
Paul Michael Graves
Jenny D. Green
Oihana Garde
Paul Michael Graves
Kohenet Stephanie Guedalia (“Jew Bitch Honey”)
Kim Hanson
Emily M. Harris
Willy Hartland
Bethany Harper Williams
Chuck Hettinger
Hank Hivnor
Olive Hui
Zora Ilunga-Reed
Iliyan Ivanov
Michael Jay
Lulu Jiang
Michelle Joni
Koetsu Kakinuma
Laura Kaplan
Lotte Karlsen
Maiko Kasai
Vicki Khuzami
Satori Krishna (“Sungod Shaman”)
Matvey Kukalov
Sofiya Kuzmina
Chris Larson
Morgan Jesse Lappin
Jamie Leo
Jon Levi
Alvaro Luna
George Madarasz
Chanette Manso
Edmond Josef Malin
Stephanie McGovern
XY Anka Mierzejewska
Neil Miner
Eva Mueller
Scotto Mycklebust
Qinza Najm
Maggie Lynn Negrete
Chuck Nitzberg
Rae Noir
Kelly Shaw Nyala
Galen Passen
Emir Pehilj
Verónica Peña
Claudia Pérez
Fanny Pérez
Connie Perry
Paperboy Prince
Frank Rivera
Grace Roselli
Jake S “Hors Dvorse”
Lucien Samaha
Destiny Santana
Peter Schepper (PMS)
Isabelle Schneider
Susan Schwalb
Samantha Sea
Gabriel J. Shuldiner
Julia Sinelnikova (ORACLE)
Rachel Sipser
Jeremy D. Slater
Mental Stamina
Jos Stumpe
William Stuart
Isis Swaby
Nikki Sweet
Jessica Trovato
Kay Turner
Yuko Uchida
Stephanie Vézina
Caroline Villard
Sophia Wallace
Laura Weyl (METAGASM)
Noelle Lorraine Williams
Brian Soigne’ Wilson
Mareshah Yisrael
Nicole Zaray
  The iconic West Chelsea Building will host the festival's programs and events along with participating galleries including the Caelum Gallery, the Spirit Del Art Gallery and the Pictor Gallery. The West Chelsea Festival of Art will highlight important contemporary artists and the public issues at the forefront of current creative discourse - supporting intersectional feminism, LGBTQ+ rights and representation, anti-violence, and anti-racism. The festival applauds art as a unifying force of community and the cultural power it holds. The WCFOA strives to be a space of inclusion.  


We encourage you to join in on the celebration of the esteemed art, artists and galleries that make up the West Chelsea district. The Festival stands as an ode to what has been the cultural center of contemporary art for over thirty years  


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