Denise Jones Adler

Denise Jones Adler sets out to create portraits and dreamscapes that express the mythic and legendary. These pieces, both personal and archetypical, memorialize a moment in time. NYC based; Adler studied with feminist artist Juanita McNeely in the 70’s when attending Suffolk Community College. She then moved on to Buffalo University where she studied printmaking arts, and finally to Hofstra University where Adler received her degree in Fine Arts and design in 1981. In addition to being a founding member of Cultural Guerrillas group with artist Mary Jones. She is also a founding member of ArtSpeak Collective, a virtual gallery platform for artists, established during the pandemic with tech specialist Ginger Dhaliwal and artists Barbara Shelly and Laurie Murray. This led to the establishment of the artist-run Pictor Gallery on W27th St. in Chelsea, NYC, where Denise Jones Adler is currently represented.




Nigel Ahmad

Philly based singer/songwriter, Nigel Ahmad, places his soul into his music.He has been known for his soulful baritone voice and live performances with band mate Jamie Bosin. He has written with multiple artists in Philly such as Leemy Hendrix and Marcus Shepard. He released his first single “Take Care” and latest single “Make Love” for his first EP. The ep Return of Saturn reflected the growth of the singer living thru his late 20’s and expanding into his early 30s. His next single, Dreams, is due to drop towards the beginning of the year.


King Adonnis | Asaptimm

TimmyTimeTitan, A Mystic Kosmic Jediii knight healing the Earth Herself and their children. An orchestrating Projecter aligning You 2 UUU 🙏🏾⚜️🌀 Follow @asaptimm on Instagram.

Marya Alta
Masha studied classical painting from when she was 5 years old to 21, initiated by her artist father, she had the best Russian classical painters as her trainers. She took on printmaking with professor and acclaimed artist Michael Platt while at Northern Virginia Community College, later continuing with Painting and Printmaking at CCAC (California college of Arts and Crafts - later CCA). She has lived and worked as an artist in New York for the last 20 years. Masha’s work is intuitive and reflects on the passing of time, forms and figures are simplified and gestural. She draws, paints and constructs her works using collected objects, wire, fabrics and paper.


Ken Anderson

Kenneth Anderson is an award-winning filmmaker, video producer and co-founder of Bowery Film Festival in NYC. Has created videos for musicians such as Brian Setzer, Lucero, Milow, and Ryan Adams. Holds an M.A. in Film & Media Studies from the New School in New York City.

@andersonenvy http://www.andersonenvy.com  
George Anastassov
Dr. Anastassov graduated National School of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1981. A professional surgical career was chosen over arts - Dr. Anastassov was privileged to train in some of the most respected educational programs in the United States and Europe. Art has always remained an introverted passion and George found a way on a canvas 40 years later. 

Francisca Arentsen

Francisca Arentsen is a video artist from Chile. Her art work mostly focused on making videos, specifically in the area of editing and animation. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in History and Journalism at the Adolfo Ibáñez University, 2006. Later she took After Effects courses at the Mac Academy of the Gabriela Mistral University, 2010. She has worked editing programs for the Canal Vive! Sports and generating audiovisual content for the Municipality of Zapallar, Chile. Currently, her work intersects author's illustration, frame-by-frame 2D animation, camera and video work.

@franzarentsen www.vimeo.com/franciscaarentsen  
Anna Augustsson
I am an accidental artist. I started to make things to illiterate ideas that I found thought provoking or just really funny. Also I feel myself naturally worshiping things and ideas that I genuinely love as opposed to trying to love what is supposed to be worshipped. My hope is that others will find a little humor in my work and that they may be fearless in expressing it. I am a florist, I am a Scorpio and I live in Queens.
Nancy Azara

Nancy Azara is an artist and feminist educator best known for her large-scale wood sculptures and mixed media collages. Nancy developed, and continues to work in, a distinct style of sculpture - found wood, carved, ornamented and mounted. Instinctive chip carving peels off an outer layer of wood, reaching for an essentialized raw experience of the body, of the limbs, exposing flesh and blood. This work explores life cycles, utilizing the metaphor of tree for personhood. Egg tempera, often in reds and pinks, and aluminum, palladium, gold gilding recover these exposed layers, exploring folkloric stories of women’s roles, goddess imagery, ancient symbols, mystic spiritual traditions and affirmation of female self. Nancy co-foundedThe New York Feminist Art Institute (1979-1990) and revived the spirit of NYFAI with(RE)Present (started in 2007), a series of intergenerational feminist dialogues, in collaboration with artists Emily Harris & Katie Cercone.

Erik Bergrin

Coming from a background in costume design and building, I use the materials and
processes used in clothing construction and fiber art to investigate the body sculpturally. My work acts as a sculptural vessel for a potential body, rather than having the function of a wearable piece. This work has been featured in galleries and museums such as Marlborough Contemporary, Sotheby’s Gallery and auction, The State Historical Museum in Moscow, the Morris Museum, The Bakrushian Museum Moscow, The Society of Arts and Crafts Boston, Fierman Gallery NYC and Zaz10 gallery NYC. His art videos have been featured on the big led screens in Times Sq for a 4 week run, NYShorts Film Festival NYC, Bergen Kunsthall Norway, Here Arts Center and USITT Prague Biannual. Erik’s creations have been in publications such as Dazed and Confused, Zink, NYTimes, ODDA, Iris Covet Book, L’Official, Schon, NY Mag, King Kong, and many more.

Jarid Blue
As an artist who explores themes of identity, self-expression, and liberation from societal expectations, I am excited about the festival's open theme, which encourages public issues at the forefront of creative discourse. My work, particularly the "Light Baths" project, embodies many of these values, challenging conventional beauty norms and promoting self-expression.


Iris Brosch
The artist , photographer and film-director Iris Brosch, living in between NYC and Paris, is known internationally for restoring dignity and strength to the image of women in Photography and Film. Her photographic style has been described as“ Miuccia Prada meets Leonardo da Vinci”. Brosch’s unique celebration of female sensuality moves in fresh and fascinating directions in her ability to rework timeless classicism with a thoroughly modern twist. The work of Iris Brosch is and isn’t anything we have seen before. It is Raphaelian. It is Modern.It is mystical and ethereal, anchored by the weight of a powerful female mind.
@irisbrosch @sherehiterequiem

www.irisbrosch.com www.theworldofirisbrosch.org

Uta Brauser

Multi disciplinary artist, painter, sculptor, activist. Expressionism and neo pop surrealism, Uta's work has been in trade fairs, art fairs, galleries internationally and within New York for the past 25 years.

Adrian Buckmaster

Buckmaster, (AKA Suspect Number One, The Wiley Toddler), is a painter, photographer and sculptor; and a bunch of other things.A recluse, living and consorting with his Consort, Deity Delgado, in their studio and den in the heart of Sheperd's Bushwick,  Buckmaster, (AKA Suspect Number One, The Wiley Toddler) struggles daily to not be irritated, angry and a prick.
His body of work can be found on Instagram and in the book:


Maria Buyondo
Maria Buyondo was born in Moscow, in 1982 and grew up in Stockholm Sweden. She is an artist and filmmaker working with documentary and experimental films. Ms. Buyondo received her Master in Fine Art Photography, in 2016 at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg. She has exhibited work at Gothenburg Konsthall, Cecilia Hillström Gallery, Center for photography (CFF), Frame Film Festival, Smack Mellon in NY, the Bronx Museum in NY, Winkleman Gallery in NY, Women’s History month film festival in Newark, First Floor Gallery Harare, in Zimbabwe, and On the ground floor gallery in Los Angeles, among others. Ms. Buyondo has participated in a number of residency programs including Bronx Museum’s AIM program in 2008, the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2009, Smack Mellon from 2010-2011, Aljira Emerge Eleven in 2013, A-I-R at CPW in Woodstock 2013, Creative collaboration, Nida art Colony in 2015 and I-Park Foundation in 2016.


Carmen Cambrelen


Chris Carr

Music and Visual Artist based in Brooklyn. Founder of Brooklyn Wildlife Fest and Black Land Ownership.

@parnhashnakovsky @bkwildlife


Katie Cercone, "OR NAH"
Katie Cercone *Or Nah* is an artist and spiritual gangsta hailing from the blessed coast. Cercone has been included in exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, Bronx Museum, Dallas Contemporary, Momenta Art, C24 Gallery, Changjiang Museum China and Aljira Center for Contemporary Art. She has published critical writing in ART PAPERS, White Hot, Posture, Brooklyn Rail, Hysteria, Bitch Magazine, Utne Reader and N.Paradoxa. Katie was a 2015 J.U.S.F.C. Fellow in Japan and received a Franklin Furnace Fund Award for performance art in 2020. Her work has been featured in Dazed, MILK, Interview, Japan Times, Huffington Post, ART 21, Hyperallergic, PAPER, Art Fag City, Washington Post, and Art Net TV. Cercone is adjunct faculty at the SVA where she teaches GENDER TROUBLE in the Visual & Critical Studies Department.
@parvati_slice @midheavenornah KatieCercone.com
Cliff Chase

I was born in New Jersey, studied under Leon Golub at Rutgers University, and moved to the East Village in the 70's. The lifestyle there and then was all­consuming at times and interrupted my art practice, which would happen in spurts. Just recently, I started painting again, this time on a regular schedule. came full circle.

Catherine Chen
Earthworks is a collaboration by multidisciplinary artists Cristina Bartley Dominguez and Catherine Chen, who explore rites, ritual spaces, and ancestral knowledge. Through their incorporated practice of image-making, movement, sound, text, and installation, they create performance-based works that address the natures of catastrophe and mythology, belonging and inheritance. By bridging their Mexican and Taiwanese ancestries, they integrate folklore, somatic ritual, and pre-colonial modes of storytelling to unearth the relationship between memory, movement, and land, imagining survival strategies that will aid all forms of life in our intimate, yet catastrophic worlds. Earthworks has presented or will present original work at Abrons Arts Center (2022), ChaShaMa Gala (2023), Movement Research at Judson Church (2024), and KRATER x New York Fashion Week (2023).
Sal Chen
My name is Sal, I'm a writer, artist, and educator residing in nyc. I'm interested in exploring inner landscapes through process-oriented art. I'm passionate about using art as a tool for:reclaiming power over our individual & collective narratives, bridging inner and outer worlds, and ultimately transforming the way we experience, move, communicate, and share our multidimensional selves.
Eteri Chkadua

New York City-based artist, was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Eteri presented her native country Georgia at the 52nd Venice Biennale. Her paintings were featured as solo exhibitions at the Luna Kulturhus Consthalen, Sodertalje, Sweden and  In the Museum of Dolls and  Museum of Literature, Tbilisi, Georgia; Her paintings were included in the group exhibitions: "Nude” at the Aldrich Museum, Connecticut; "Gender Check" at the MUMOK, Vienna and at the National Museum, Warsaw, Poland; "Neighbors " at the Istanbul Modern Museum in Istanbul, Turkey; "Self Portrait In Front Of The Mirror" at the National Museum in Tbilisi, Georgia   and  “War Is Over ! Peace has Not Yet Begun” at the Fondazione Imago Mundi in Treviso, Italy. Eteri also collaborates on art installations with her sibling Gocha  Chkadua. Eteri was a recipient of  grants from Creative Time,  New York Foundation for the Arts and Pollock-Krasner Foundation. She was the Visiting Professor at the New York Academy of Arts and UCSB .



Gocha Chkadua

New York City-based artist and designer  was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. After completing the Tbilisi Academy of Arts in 1996, Gocha emigrated to the USA. Gocha's very first design, Magnet Pipe,  was  reviewed in I.D. International Magazine, among other international magazines. In 1999 Gocha invented the design toy-dart-jewelry- interior decoration  titled LuvBomb-- to symbolize peace,  in midst of the ongoing  clashes between different political parties in Georgia. Since 2010  Gocha has been devoted to creating art Installations using discarded objects and disposable plastic bottles. Installations titled My Yard, Alien Bloom, Colors Insulting to Nature, Bloom on the Edge were displayed  in various exhibitions, including the Karvasla National Museum of Arts and Museum of Literature in Tbilisi;  OPEN 18 in Venice, Italy;  at the  Longhouse Reserve in East Hampton and Southampton Art  Center in NY and  Fiterman Art Center, NYC, etc.




Cindy Clements

My art serves as an emotional diary. Sometimes the expression is raw and palatable, laid out on the canvas, exposing my inner core like an open book. Other times it is contained, packaged tidily in geometric abstractions or meditative blocks of color. I am very affected by the political climate of today. Rage, frustration and fear have been constant companions over the past year and a half. I even set my art work aside for some time to engage politically.  However, I found the need to return to the retreat of my studio, to express the intensity of my emotion and also find a place to set it aside. I have thus vacillated wildly between abstract expressionism and minimalism, between work that is keeping the emotion between the lines and letting it out. Much of the time my work contains elements of each: if you look closely you can see the journey on the canvas, how I found the need to reign in expression that became too fraught, or how I needed to find a release in work that was too contained.


Tom Cocotos

Tom Cocotos is a New York City based collage artist. Residencies and one-person exhibitions have brought him to Berlin, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Athens, Los Angeles and Miami. Cocotos has lectured at the School of Visual Arts, Parsons, Fashion Institute of Technology, Ringling College, Oolite Arts, and PANAL 361. His work has been commissioned and is held by Citibank, Ford Motors, American Airlines, Miami Children’s Museum, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, among others. His images have appeared in the New York Times, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and Playboy. He holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, and an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Columbia University. Cocotos is presently working on a series called “Ambiguities of Power.” These larger-than-life collages combine compositional elements from master paintings… including those by Caravaggio, Velazquez and Bellini. The images scrutinize to reveal the way power structures rotate on axis, wherein the oppressed often become the oppressors.


Connie Danger

Connie Danger is a songwriter and performance artist. His performance is threefold: epic songs, glamorous outfits, & mind-expanding light show. The show is an Ode to the pageantry of pop music, from Bowie to Madonna and beyond--and it is wildly compelling if it were only this. But Connie aims for something greater than homage--he aims to incite a spiritual experience. Indeed: Connie Danger channels his life into an opera of struggle, love, & fantastic rebirth. His performance will tear away the cage of your inhibition and rocket you into an awakening and celebration of the YOU of your wildest fantasies.

Irene Delgado, Deity Delgado: Delgado HQ

I, Delgado HQ is a lifestyle brand that is all about celebrating the unique and beautiful qualities that make each and every one of us who we are. The founder, Irene Delgado, is a fashion designer and skincare expert with a passion for creating products that empower people to embrace their individuality and stand out from the crowd. With a focus on using only the best natural and organic ingredients, Irene has built a brand that is dedicated to making people look and feel their best. So, whether you're looking for high-end fashion or natural skincare, I, Delgado HQ has something for you. Join the rebellion today and experience a brand that is truly unique.

@idelgadoskincare @idelgadocouture  
Ronit Levin Delgado

Ronit Levin Delgado is a New York–based multidisciplinary visual artist and a Fulbright Scholar from Israel. Levin Delgado has won multiple awards and honors, including the prestigious Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Artist-in-Residence program for 2023-24, the 2023 Amen Artist of the Week Fellowship, Asylum Arts, Trestle gallery, the Fulbright Scholarship, and is currently serving on the board of directors of Fulbright's Greater New York Chapter, The Jewish Art Salon, ArtKibbutz and the Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee as the Art and Culture Advisor. Levin Delgado has had solo and two-person exhibitions, and her multimedia work has been shown in international group exhibitions in Israel, Europe and the US, including the Queens Museum, Heller Museum, Art Basel Miami, Spring/Break Art show, Magnan Metz Gallery, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Trestle, The Border, The Cell, Museum of Russian Art, Grace Exhibition Space, The Frame, Guttman Museum, Hertzelilinblum Museum, Cardiff, Wales and Leeds. Levin Delgado was selected to exhibit her work at the Jerusalem Biennale in November 2023.

@ronitlevindelgado www.ronitlevindelgado.com  
Alexandria Deters

I am a queer embroidery artist, activist, and archivist. I believe sex/sexuality is beautiful and should be celebrated, and the things we desire and are interested in have fascinated me from a young age.  I consider every human being a 'living archive' a unique individual that has experiences and stories worth documenting and remembering.  My inspiration comes from research into the history of religion, politics, and sex work/sex industry and the people that were/are a part of that world. Through the act of embroidery, research, and analyzation I am actively relooking at and contemplating their stories and how they were affected, as well as how society at large has been impacted by certain moments in time.

@deters.threadz @alexandria.deters.art  

Electric Djinn

Electric Djinn is an electronic music producer, performer, and interdisciplinary artist. making computer-based sonic candy, and multimedia performances and installations with a strong focus on audio. The works combine organic sounds with that of the synthetic-- individual tracks are grounded in low frequencies, programmed beats, virtual synths, and processed vocals. Subtle layers of binaural beats and isochronic tones in combination with crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments are also used to raise vibrations. Electric Djinn is curious about this planet we live on and all that surrounds us, the universe, the mind, those things we cannot see, and... Love.

Christiane Dolores (Not White Collective)

The #notwhite collective is a group of 13 women artists whose mission is to use non-individualistic, multi-disciplinary art to make our stories visible as we relate, connect, and belong to the Global Majority. We utilize our arts practice singularly and collectively to Excavate Histories, Expose Realities, and Exorcise Oppression. We are bi/multi-racial/cultural, immigrant or descendants of immigrants investigating the many ways we are seen or not seen, how we self-identify and how we seek liberation through sharing space and stories; research and art-making; discussing the history of imperialism and its effect on us, on the whole not-white world. We actively reject colonialism through our non-hierarchical process. The #notwhite collective expresses the hybridized and multifaceted aspects of self-defined liberation; we accept cultural fluidity as a means of seeing and being seen, each member declaring their existence, individually and collectively, through our voices, bodies and art.
@madamechristianedolores @notwhitecollective notwhitecollective.com

Eileen Dover

Eileen Dover is an actress, artist, personality, and writer who grew up in South Boston (Southie) during the wild and rotten times of the Irish mafia. She’s an activist, a Catholic school survivor, and an outspoken member of the LGBTQ community. She has worked with the likes of Eartha Kitt, Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, and has never struggled with dropping names. Dover resides in New York City. Find Eileen Dover at www.eileendover.net and on instagram @eileendover_official

@eileendover_official www.eileendover.net  
Sunshine Monié El

Sunshine Monié El is a Healer, Natal Chart Reader, Energy Awareness Coach and artist based in New Jersey.  Follow her on Instagram at @lesnobodiesbusinessllc

Video/Music/NFT Creator based in Brooklyn.
Jonathan Feldschuh

After studying graduating summa cum laude, with a degree in Physics from Harvard University in 1986, Jonathan graduated from the Academy of FIne Arts in Prague in 1996. Since then Jonathan has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions internationally and has been published widely. He has been awarded residencies at the Santa Fe Institute in 2002 and the Edward Albee Foundation in 1998 and was a Terna 02 Prize finalist in 2010.

@jonathan.feldschuh www.jonathanfeldschuh.com  
Fran Flaherty

Fran Flaherty is a Deaf artist, curator, and educator practicing in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and Rochester, NY, USA. As a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, her work is centered in issues surrounding migrant family relations and assimilation, maternal feminism, & disability aesthetics that synthesizes traditional media and physical computing. Flaherty is the founder of Anthropology of Motherhood, an ongoing curation of artwork and design that engages in the complex visual, material, emotional, corporeal and lived experiences of motherhood, care-giving, parenting, nurturing and maternal labor. As a disabled artist herself, Fran is also an ardent supporter of artists with disabilities and committed to mentoring those who choose to pursue a professional artistic track.She is also the Director of Dyer Arts Center, serves on the Advisory Board of the Office of Public Art in Pittsburgh, Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY, and is a proud member of the #notwhite collective.

@fcflaherty @dyerartscenter @notwhitecollective @anthropologyofmotherhood
Bibi Flores

Bibi Flores is an artist whose abstract works, and paintings inhabit healing energy. Works focus on empowerment, healing from trauma from oppressive systems. Flores's work consists of paintings, performative video, photography, and installations. Started in 1997 in Monterrey, Mexico, and based in New York since 2005. Earned an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. Grants, and Fellowships include Emergency Grant Adolph, & Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Artist Fellowship Inc, UMEZ Art Engagement, and Creative Engagement from LMCC and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, CAC Corps NYC Grant and others. Exhibited mainly in the United States and Mexico.

Bri Frei
Bri Frei is an Artist based in Brooklyn, NY

IxChelseann Fulcará

Hola I’m IxChelseann Fulcará. A 27 yr old aries who grew up in Washington Heights and expanded my reach to different parts of the world Being an entrepreneur & aspiring fine jeweler has been such an important part of understanding my purpose and passion in my life. At 20 years of age my life has changed for the better since starting my jewelry business and others. I’ve become more focused on the craftwomenship over everything and have come to understand how to be a great customer sales representative and my enhanced skills for connecting with people who support my business. My goal is to be fully enrolled in jewelry school by February 2023 before the start of 2024 I’ll already be pursuing my passion and seeing my dream manifested and actually working hands on with other aspects of the jewelry industry and manufacturing that I know soon I’ll be fully immersed IN.

@urbangypster_nyc @gitzuzjewlz  
Beth Galton

Beth Galton is a photo-based artist, with an educational background in the natural sciences and three decades of experience as a professional photographer in the editorial and commercial arena. These elements of her history are the lens through which she explores the world. Collecting objects, allowing time to affect botanical matter, these are the tools Beth uses to construct still life portraits. The stories speak to the cycles of nature, our connection to aging and mortality, and the fragility and resilience of the human experience. As a lifelong learner, Beth uses current technology to help articulate her message. She loves to harness natural light to capture the compositions by using a large format camera and digital back. Beth lives and works in New York City, where she is moved and inspired by the city every day.

Oihana Garde

Oihana is a healing artist and transformational guide working with Breath, Movement and Touch to empower individuals and groups to dive into their most authentic selves. Originally from Spain, she has a background in acting and other performance arts. Blending her academic knowledge with her lived experiences, she co-created SEER Dance/Movement (Sacred Earth Embodied Ritual, based on the sacred roots of Belly Dance, inspired by nature’s elements (earth, water, air and fire) and infused with a more contemporary and interpretative form of dance. Diving deeper into her own healing process, she studied Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Intuitive Healing, Somatic Attachment Therapy and Tantra, becoming also a Reiki Master, a HypnoBreathwork coach and Intimacy guide. Her mission is to bring more pleasure and meaning into our lives through our bodies, minds and hearts. Guiding people who are seeking to tap into their own power and magic. 

Nancy Gesimondo

Nancy Gesimondo is an interdisciplinary mixed-media artist. Her recent project Portals is a series of performative photo based works made possible (in part) with public funds from the Queens Art Fund, a re-grant program supported by New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by New York Foundation for the Arts. Influenced by the tradition of pioneering eco-feminist artists who have also been photographed in nature, these images shot in two remote inhospitable terrains on opposite ends of the United States depict eerie dystopian landscapes. Dead Horse Bay, a small body of water off Barren Island – now a leaking landfill with radioactive contamination – lies between the Gerritsen Inlet and Rockaway Inlet in New York City and the Salton Sea, a landlocked, highly saline body of water in Southern California  - once a lavish recreational playground, both evidence man’s poor stewardship the natural environment. While photographs of oneself are often assumed to be self-portraits, her point with these images is to embody a persona. Dead Horse Bay also known as Glass Bottle Beach is littered with decades-old broken glass that creates an eerie tinkling sound as it is washed to the shore by the waves. The vintage ocular-shaped, convex-glass frames magnify the concept of a portal to focus the viewer on the preciousness of nature and our collective responsibility for its preservation. 




Victor Giganti

I picked up a camera as a tool of recovery after I was hit in the eye with a champagne cork, losing 80% of the vision in my right eye. I knew nothing about taking pictures or film or F Stops but looking through the lens of that first camera I saw composition and visual control of the world around me. As an actor and bartender I began photographing people and events etc.  I've been shooting for 35 plus years and learning everyday.

@VicGiganti Portraits    
Marcus Glitteris
Born 1975. Marcus Glitteris is a native New Yorker from the Lower East Side of ”Alphabet City“. He is a self taught Artist who started painting at the age of 28. Art class started for me on the floors of New York City Night Clubs. Creativity Started for me through my dancing and ”Club Kid” outfits. I would see and experience the energy of The New York City ”Club Kids“, DragQueens, and Creatures of the Night. Every Character was a moving Painting. It inspired me to be a Moving Painting that danced and played in an Abstract Gallery. Fluorescent Painting was born in ”The Cosmic Cavern” Kenny Scharf Installation @ The Tunnel N.Y.C. My Paintings are inspired by vibrant fluorescent colors, glitter, metallics, textiles, collage… Mixmedia… shop pop. They are inspired by the energy of experiences, moments in time, memoirs.


Nicole Goodwin, “GOODW.Y.N”

Nicole Goodwin is a veteran, author,  performance artist, and award-winning poet.  Her book Warcries is a collection of poems inspired by her experiences in combat theatre. She is a 2013-2014 Queer Art Mentorship Queer Art Literary Fellow, and the winner of The Fresh Fruit Festival’s 2013 Award for Performance Poetry. Her articles “Talking with My Daughter…” and “Why is this Happening in Your Life…” (Personal essay/Review for award-winning documentary Tough Love) was featured in the New York Times’ parent blog Motherlode. Nicole’s play Desert Flowers was shortlisted and selected for performance by the Women Playwriting International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Her work has been featured in multiple years of Poetic Theater Productions’ Love Redefined.

Rebecca Goyette

Rebecca Goyette has exhibited internationally with solo shows at Freight and Volume, Museum of Sex, NYC, Spektrum: Art, Science and Community, Berlin, Germany, Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ and Galerie X, Istanbul, Turkey and group shows at  Kyung-In Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, Museum of Sex, NYC, the Berlin Porn Film Festival, House of Yes, NYC, Whitney Museum of Art, NYC, Queens Museum of Art, NYC, KARST, Plymouth, England and Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, amongst others.   Her work was reviewed on European television Arté and in Village Voice, Vice Magazine, Hyperallergic, Huffington Post, Newsweek Magazine and Ms. Magazine.  Goyette has lectured at  the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pratt Institute, SVA, NYU Cooper Union, Eyebeam and the New School.  Goyette is currently leading a series of adult education workshops called “Maker’s Magic” that focuses on the intersections between art making, sexuality and ritual.



Ralf Graebner

Born in Washington D.C., 1967. I grew up in Germany where, after a stint of mechanical engineering, I studied photography at the University of Arts and Applied Sciences, Bielefeld.
I have lived and worked in New York since 1999.



Carlos Grajeda

Carlos Grajeda is an multidisciplinary artist currently based in New York City. Grajeda’s work revolves around the practice of shared memory, nostalgia and impermanence, creating conversation with the subconscious ways in which change is present.Recently, Grajeda’s work has been pushing forwards the idea of reclaiming memory using found images , publicly shared media and personal family archives to create a new experience of the familiar. A New Archive. Working within a sense of nostalgia and the ephemeral that pertains to a shared collective through imagery and association, allowing the audience to reclaim the experience in a way that is their own. Living past experiences for the first time



Paul Michael Graves

Paul Michael’s “technobabble” came to him early one morning during his final year at Columbia GSAPP. It has since become a daily meditative practice and operates as a kind of jazz, riffing on pattern and form. Blurring categorization, Paul invites the viewer to observe, to read, and to draw from their own experience, allowing each person to form their own interpretation of his work. His language is diagrammatic and implies a communication with the technological. His fascination with these graphic devices stems from a background in Mathematics and Architecture—he studied at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado and Columbia University. After 9/11 he began oil painting to combat the demands of deploying as a special operations helicopter pilot throughout the 2000s. Since 2019 he has been painting full-time from his studio in West Chelsea. Paul Michael has artwork in the collections of Sir Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Rubin as well as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and other publications.



Jenny D. Green

Jenny spent the summer in Canada with Globus Theatre performing in a sellout run of the Men Commandments at the LakeView Arts Barn in Ontario. And the Fall has offered an abundance of further great collaborations, with the first public showing of the Liverpool <-->Trading collective (a group Jenny has been working with since it began a 18 months ago) at Dixon Place and the international premiere of Karen Hope’s psycho-drama, Foreign Lands with the Absinthe Minded Theatre Company. Pure Dead Brilliant, Jenny’s first radio drama, has also been broadcast, via Reel Rebels Radio, and she acted as MC for the International Women Artists Salon’s Exhibition Two Performance Salon. And Jenny continues to enjoy her work with Liz and Stuart Hodes, filming scenes from classic plays made into great movies.



 Kohenet Stephanie Guedalia, "Jew Bitch Honey"

Stephanie’s work has been featured in COSMOPOLITAN, BUST Magazine, The PIT, OTION FRONT, the skint, and the Bushwick Daily. She is a storyteller who explores mental illness, isolation, female sexual agency, and the queer Jewish-American experience through a wide variety of platforms including performance, music and the written word. Her odd comedy elicits uncomfortable laughter to remind us of the connectedness we all share even in our most personal, private, and secret hours. Catch her at her recurring performances: in Squidssidy at Pairs n’ Pears, Clounterculture at Circus of Dreams, and her Monthly Mini Musical at On the Fritz



Willy Hartland 

Willy Hartland is an acclaimed director/animator who has called  NYC his home for the past 38 years. A NYFA recipient, and winner of many international film awards,  his latest  New York City Sketchbook  screened all over the world, and swept the Oxford International Film Festival in England where it won Film of The Festival and Best Animated Short. Other festivals include the Black Maria Film Festival where it won the Stellar Award for Animation, LAAF in Los Angeles, where it won best animated doc, The Palm Springs International Animation Festival where it won Best Traditional Animated Short, and Animatou in Geneva Switzerland. Professionally he has worked as an animation artist on 3 features, and numerous TV shows, among them  MTV’s Beavis and Butthead. Over the past fifteen years he has begun a successful career as a professor of animation, teaching at such prestigious schools as Parsons and MICA.

www.willyhartland.com @willyhartland  
Kim Hanson 

Kim Hanson is a NYC native whose work has been exhibited across the country and abroad. His most recent solo show was at the Soho Project space in May 2020 and has been seen in five group shows since then (most recently at the prestigious Salmagundi Club on Fifth Avenue), and is in the permanent collections of the Leslie Lohman Museum and the Tom of Finland Foundation. Charles Leslie has noted that what distinguishes his images is his deep knowledge of Art, Mythology and Queer History. It was widely viewed in the pages of magazines like Honcho and Inches and he is proud to have been part of the groundbreaking Safe Sex projects developed by GMHC in the early days of AIDS, and he has donated pieces to many fundraisers for various organizations to support LBGQT rights and to bring needed help to members of our community.

Emily Harris

Emily M. Harris is a New York based interdisciplinary artist whose large-scale installations and intimate multi-media works fine tune awareness. Focusing on volumes, invisible processes and interconnection, Harris conducts her experiments within the parameters of drawing; pushing our notions of what a drawing can be and grounding her work in everyday perceptual experience. Harris received an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (2013). She is a co-founder of The Institute for Cultural Activism International and studio manages for artists in NYC.


www.instituteforculturalactivism.org @KHANSONFOTO
Will Hartland

Willy Hartland is an acclaimed director/animator who has called  NYC his home for the past 38 years. A NYFA recipient, and winner of many international film awards,  his latest  New York City Sketchbook  screened all over the world, and swept the Oxford International Film Festival in England where it won Film of The Festival and Best Animated Short. Other festivals include the Black Maria Film Festival where it won the Stellar Award for Animation, LAAF in Los Angeles, where it won best animated doc, The Palm Springs International Animation Festival where it won Best Traditional Animated Short, and Animatou in Geneva Switzerland. Professionally he has worked as an animation artist on 3 features, and numerous TV shows, among them  MTV’s Beavis and Butthead. Over the past fifteen years he has begun a successful career as a professor of animation, teaching at such prestigious schools as Parsons and MICA.


Chuck Hettinger

Chuck Hettinger (b. 1953), a New York State native (Grand Island/ Niagara Falls) has lived and worked in New York City since 1979. His acclaimed and published decorative work, like his artwork, is informed by childhood Pop Art influences. Since 2003 he has focused on the male nude, drawing from life and capturing the moment in quickly rendered colorful drawings working with acrylic paint markers. His work has been shown in galleries in Richmond, Virginia, Palm Beach and the East Village. Recently he has exhibited at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art (and Project Space), The Provincetown Art Association and Museum, and the Atlantic Gallery.



Hank Hivnor

Hank Hivnor is a Psychic Healer who uses his psychic ability and other healing modalities to help people find clarity and receive healing. For twenty six years he’s been sharing insights, working with energy and transforming lives and transforming himself. He will be leading us in a transformational guided meditation to empower, inspire and raise our vibration!

Elisa García de la Huerta
Elisa García de la Huerta is a multidisciplinary artist. She focuses on analog photography, performance and sound. She received his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Finis Terrae University, Chile in 2006 and his Master's degree in Visual Arts from the School of Visual Arts, New York in 2011. She performed in Tokyo, Japan, as part of a US-Japan exchange scholarship in 2015. She has been an artist-in-residence at Glogauair 2021-20 and Backsteinboot Ex (Modular + Space) 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Alexandra Arts in Manchester, UK, 2015, Soho20 Chelsea in New York, 2012, The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, 2013. She took a sound Art “Sonic Arts” course at HAMT in Dharamsala, India in 2019. Her work details the ways in which nature intertwines with different aspects of the modern self, our psyche, and queer culture
@auzit @franzarentsen www.elisaghs.com
Olive Hui

Olive Hui (許上思) aka Pineapple O is a non-binary interdisciplinary artist, performer and producer based in New York City. They were the official Cantonese voice for the NYC Department of Health during the pandemic. Their creative projects include Late Cambrian, Fashion Bird Danger Danger, FLETISH, HotelO.K.ByeBye and King Bedtime.

Olive utilizes their presence and platforms to highlight the importance of REST and PLAY. They are passionate about elevating immersive art experiences with cannabis and psychedelics. Water, the symbol of fluidity and abundance is a recurring theme in their work, which often explores the concepts of boundaries, comfort, self care and stillness.

Iliyan Ivanov

A native of Burgas, Bulgaria, Iliyan Ivanov received his fine arts training under the mentorship of internationally recognized Bulgarian painter George Yanakiev. Mr. Ivanov came to the US in 1994 and in 1996 had his first one-person show, "Tides of Time," at Ryden Galleries in Anderson, Indiana. Since 1997 Ivanov has participated in a number of group and juried shows at the Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria, and at Chashama, CURB, Tom Jaeckel and Molly Merson Galleries in New York. Ivanov's works have been included in the Art at Embassies program, the New York Collection at the Albright-Knox gallery in Buffalo, the d.u.m.b.o. International Art Festival, the Toronto Art Salon, the New York Emerging Artists Gala and Art from the Boros at Denise Bibro. Ivanov and his family live in Manhattan and he continues to balance careers in art and science.


Michael Jay 108

Michael Jay 108 is a multidisciplinary healing arts practitioner (shiatsu, master level reiki, eft, reflexology) committed to using sound for its immense healing power. To him, sound is a doorway to meditation and deeper connection, offering us an opportunity to raise our existence to a higher octave so we can enjoy our time here and live in true unity on this planet. He feels our existence is a blessing and wishes for everyone to be able to find a connection with their inner power, with each other, and with the cosmic creator—helping each person realize the vast oceans of love that each of us are, and that infinite love is the only truth.


Substantia Jones

Substantia Jones is the founder of and photographer for the photo-activism campaign, The Adipositivity Project, and runs both FatPeopleFlippingYouOff.com and UppityFatty.com. She has spoken about body politics on NPR, Sirius/XM, and The Pacifica Radio Network, as well as a number of podcasts and on radio stations in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. She's also the producer and host of the four-part radio series PolitiSIZE on WBAI-FM in New York City. She’s contributed to books by Random House, Seal Press, Ten Speed Press, and Vignette, and lectures annually on her photography at Parsons School of Design, The New School in New York City.

Michelle Joni

Michelle Joni is a singer-songwriter, freestyle artist, found-fashion icon, myth maker, synchronicity starter, pineapple priestess, community leader and globally infamous local legend! She's the Queen of Hearts parody princess who shares a birthday with Weird Al Yankovic, she's Michelle Your Belle of the 50 year Beatlefest legacy-- Her Majesty of the Beatles later-lore. Joni is here to usher in the ::magic:: ërä in song, dance, skipping, sparkle, style and boundless inspiration, with help from her Expandaband, her psychedelic New York unicorn on wheels Glinda the Good Bus, the Endless Gifting Economy, the power of the Alphabet, and her ceaselessly clever clownin' and crownin' crew in Brooklyn! 
Instagram and pretty much everyone @michellejoni

Koetsu Kakinuma

Born in Tochigi, Japan in 1988, Kakinuma graduated from Musashino Art University with a BA in Image Arts and Science in 2010. Most of his works are painting and drawing with beautiful details. He has lived in New York since 2016 and has had exhibitions at restaurants, bars, schools and artfair.

Laura Kaplan

My sculpture is process based and completely intuitive. I do not sketch before making a piece. I am completely self-taught as far as sculpture, which helps them to have their own personality and soul. They are totems and it feels like I connect to something that lets them come through me when I am working. They have different meanings to different people and that is important to me. A deep exploration of the intense human condition has always interested me. The duality of isolation and connection, attachment and detachment, discipline and decadence to start. Transformation, the body, the earth, human nature, and “mother nature”, are definitely included in the work. Resilience and finding something positive in the darkness is also there. Laura Kaplan lives and works in NYC.

Instagram Video    
Lotte Karlsen
I am a Norwegian multidisciplinary artist, best known for my socially-engaged work. Having spent the past decade + dedicating my practice to restoring Manchester’s Alexandra Park. Living in harmony with Mother Nature and feminine principles are a critical theme of my work, which often travels the Atlantic for cultural exchanges with American 4th wave feminists. Sculptural works, site-specific installations and community initiatives have allowed me to fluidly translate conceptual feminism into praxis to the effect that “People are the ultimate building blocks of my creative process and practice.” Documentation likewise plays a key role in effectively translating my impact and intent. Whether filming an intervention in public space or capturing youth collaborators as a portraiture series, this offers another complex layer of engagement. Originally trained as a glass blower, in recent years I have returned to my first and signature medium - experimenting with glass and glass with mixed media, including digital formats
@artistlottekarlson www.lottekarlsen.com  
Maiko Kasai
From a young age, I was self-conscious about my petite stature. Living in New York, however, I saw people freely expressing themselves without fear of judgment. This made me realize that our differences are what make us beautiful. Inspired, I began to express myself in my own unique style. With the rise of social media, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people. While this sometimes leads to stress or misunderstandings, I find value in these differences. My work aims to celebrate that diversity, echoing the belief that our differences are beautiful

Vicki Khuzami

Vicki Khuzami painted covers for Harlequin Romance novels, later joined Evergreene Architectural Arts, which included new historical painting murals for the Capitol Building, Washington D.C. In 1996 she created Khuzami Mural Studio, were she also painted murals in Japan, for Moo Mural Studios. In 2003, she become Bloomingdale’s scenic artist.In 2008, producing their 2008 Christmas Windows. Around 2015, after three decades as an illustrator/mural artist, Khuzami focused on fine art. Loving kitsch, she found inspiration from her collection of vintage objects, painting them in satirical contexts. Her 2017 series, Telenovela Suburbia, created a narrative of suburban life using musclemen dolls and dollhouses, exploring the purgatory of suburban life. Khuzami has exhibited her paintings in Bushwick, LES, Leslie Lohman Museum, Carter Burden Gallery, Jonathan LeVine Projects, 2022 SPRING/BREAK , and most recently, DIRTY LITTLE DRAWINGS at SoHo Project Space. Her piece, ‘Naturism’, is influenced by 1930’s nudest movement in Germany.




Satori Krishna, "Sungod Shamman"
🕌 | 𝕯𝖔𝖌𝖔𝖓 𝕹𝖔𝖇𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖞 🎼ᚠ🧿🇭🇹
I get paid to exist. WWG1WGA!!!
𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕙 𝟜𝟜/𝟠 | The Grid Worker
Dream Dev | 5/1 Gen
Sofiya Kuzima

Sofiya Kuzmina is an artist, curator, and art educator born in Moscow and based in New York City. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts and her MFA from the New York Academy of Art, where she is currently teaching painting courses.  In 2022, she was included in the List of Top 35 Young Russian Artists by 49ART. Throughout her career, she received multiple grants and awards and has participated in over 30 group exhibitions in the US, Russia, and Italy.


Chris Larson

Self-taught artist, Chris Larson focuses his art on expressing social issues, in particular surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community. He prides himself in being an artist not having a background in art, which influences his work in a nontraditional way, finding inspiration from artists he collaborates with and from the artists he loves. His art serves as a profound expression of his personal experiences, encapsulating the very essence of what he yearns to convey.
Larson started off with digital work, painting on an iPad and printing on different materials - papers, fabrics, light boxes, wood. Chris has been exploring new mediums of producing art through 3D printing, drawing, and mixed mediums. His materials of choice at the moment are color pencil, oil and dry pastels, and paints. Chris has also expanded his digital work and has created NFTs on the Foundation Blockchain.

Morgan Jesse Lappin

Morgan Jesse Lappin, is a Brooklyn-based creator known for eye-popping analog collages that use nostalgic materials to comprise paper worlds with a sense of comedy and chaos. As the founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective in 2013 (BCC), one of the first internationally-recognized assemblage of collage artists, Lappin has formed an indelible presence in the global art and music communities.

Jamie Leo      

Interdisciplinary artist Jamie Leo has shown at Art Basel Miami, Governor’s Island, St. Ann’s Warehouse, La MaMa, Dixon Place, GLAAD, Exit Art, The High Line, The National Arts Club, Chashama, and private collections. His art-costumes feature on Yahoo, Kostume Kult, and design blogs best-of lists. His hand-painted signs for social advocacy events are regularly featured in national media; his award-winning designs are seen on Times Square digital screens; he was a key designer of Broadway’s Rent, and many other theatrical works. His musical ‘’68’ (w/ Paul Leschen), heads to production during the Chicago National Democratic Convention; his ‘In What You Call The Dark’ (given a featured reading at NYTW) heads to production in 2024. His popular 2020 work ‘Butch, the Li’l Bastard’s Three Recent Brushes with Death and Genealogy’ streams at dixonplace.org. Jamie (w/ Ryan Patrick)’s sci-fi humor book 'DYSTOP-o-MART’ awaits you at major bookstores and at dystopomart.com

@jleonyc jamieleo.com  
John Levi      

I started as an artist, a painter, steel sculptor. I picked up a polaroid in ‘74. I did darkroom work in HS. Shot my first nude when I was 15. I didn’t really see photography as a viable direction into itself until well into college at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Back then I used photography as a tool to capture images that I would later draw, paint and sculpt. I couldn’t afford the models so I’d shoot them instead. Print the images, paint from the images, even include the actual prints into the paintings and paint over them. I'm deaf, my camera is a passport into realms I don't normally find myself in.

George Madarasz
Madarasz was the Director of the Tate Chelsea Gallery in New York, was the author of various videos, including the Venice Printing Workshop, held teaching jobs at the Cooper Union, the Harlem School of the Arts and the Fashion Institute of Technology. He also worked in the summer residency at Saint Michael College, Burlington, Vermont. He was born in Hungary, lives and works in NewYork.
@gyorgymadarasz www.gyorgymadarasz.com  

Chanette Manso

Chanette Manso is a multidisciplinary artist best known for her light painting oeuvre that transform, defy and enhance reality. She examines escapism within her surroundings through her dreamlike pictorial prints and video shorts infused with colorful moving neon symbols made of light such as her signature lilies or the universal heart. She utilizes a systematic, labor intensive process, where she evolves in front of the camera choreographing mise-en-scenes, with handmade light painting tools, themed headpieces, transformed umbrellas and collections of antique bottles or busts to bridge past and present. Emerging from the glow of the nineties raves scene, Manso’s visuals are however not limited to floral, geometric or pop icons but encompass concepts exploring the psychological impact of the digital age relating contrasts between what is perceived as real and unreal. Chanette Manso (aka Cha) is moving towards large-scale public participation works while pursuing abstracts in her Bushwick studio.
@chanettemanso @chanettemanso Chanettemanso.com
Edmond Josef Malin

Ed Malin’s play Generic Magic Realism received a 2013 NYITA nomination. His work has been anthologized in Plays and Playwrights 2015 from New York Theatre Experience and performed at Theater for the New City, Nylon Fusion, FringeNYC, Samuel French, The Brick, Wide Eyed, Dixon Place, Frigid NY and Manhattan Theatre Source. Ed’s plays, formerly available from can also be found on the links below.

www.indietheaternow.com www.newplayexchange.org  
Carol-Anne McFarlane

Artist Carol-Anne McFarlane makes work reflecting her personal experience in a conceptual-gestural practice which critiques and examines our collective social conditioning. Challenging the commodification and hyper-sexualization of female bodies, particularly Black women, her work reclaims the language of the elicit with formal distance and aesthetic frivolity. Towering heels, dollar signs and floating phrases of colloquial AAVE reference today’s pop culture, including the latest stripper couture of her home base Miami. McFarlane’s interventions here, which can be read as play or simulacra, simultaneously suggest dynamic mimicry and mockery. We perceive an electric,  embellished landscape populated by symbols of today’s cultural currencies - sex, money and the ever-illusive freedoms of escalating techno-capitalism. Working intermittently in fabric, vellum, vinyl and print, McFarlane’s  latest color-changing, black-light enhanced works infringe upon the standard values and meanings proscribed by the fickle media.


Stephanie McGovern

Stephanie McGovern is an interdisciplinary and performance artist exploring the conflicts within conventional female allure and the erotic gaze. She works with sculpture, various textile techniques (embroidery, weaving, crochet & sewing) video, sound, painting and performance. Originally from the Bay area, she received her BA in studio art and textiles from San Francisco State University and her MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her visual and performance work has been showcased between New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Greece, including UNTITLED Art Fair, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, the Park Avenue Armory, A.I.R Gallery, Performance is Alive, Satellite Art Show, SVA Chelsea Gallery, House of Yes, Mudhouse Art Exhibition Space, the Chashama Gala, The Cell Theatre, Textile Arts Center, The Living Gallery, The Roll Up Gallery, Root Division, SFSU Fine Arts Gallery, Martin Wong Gallery & Renegade Craft Fair.

@stephanie.marie.studio www.stephaniemcgovern.com  
XY Anka Mierzejewska
Art transforms personal, dramatic experiences into bright and brilliant forms. I believe art is joy, the fun of discovery. I am a change. I paint ideas. When one topic has been exhausted, I transition smoothly to exploring the next one. I am a serious child playing around with paints, jumping from one bucket of pigment to another. It’s a sensual, deep experience.
Neil Miner

Born and raised in Manhattan, Neal Miner is primarily known as an active freelance Jazz bassist. He has performed and recorded with top New York City Jazz instrumentalists and vocalists such as legends, Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross, and current headliners, Jane Monheit, Peter Bernstein and Harry Allen, to name a few. Since 2010, Neal has taken an intense interest in videography, and live recording. While mostly self-taught, he briefly apprenticed with filmmaker, James Lester, and has since produced numerous Jazz performance videos for various musicians, as well as three feature-length documentaries, two of which were publicly debuted at Hunter College: Through the Eyes of a Drummer - The Life and Photographs of Jimmy Wormworth, and, Bill Crow - Jazz Journeyman. All of Neal’s documentaries and Jazz performance videos can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

nealminer.com nealminer.com facebook.com/neal.miner
Verónica Santiago Moniello

Verónica Santiago Moniello is a Venezuelan choreographer and dancer based between New York, U.S. and Yucatan Peninsula, MX. Her projects are in relationship to research, guidance, curatorship, production, especulation, drifts, and somatic experience.

Eva Mueller

I am a Brooklyn-based non-binary conceptual artist and photographer. "Why" was my most used word as a child. Curiosity is my creative driving force. I am drawn to weirdness and attracted to ambiguity because it keeps me inquiring. At the same time, the practical minimalism of the German Bauhaus School and the irrational silliness of Dadaism profoundly influenced my aesthetic and outlook in life. All that, combined with my rather gender-free upbringing, led me on a path of continuously questioning the prevailing gender binary in our social system. From a young age, I never saw it as anything other than a cultural construct. I employ mainly portraiture and nude photography in my projects which I sometimes presented traditionally as framed prints on the wall or composed as multi-media, immersive installations. My main projects in the past years revolve around our human existence's core constructs, such as gender identity (GenderFuck, Twisted Twins – XXY, MYSOLATION), race (FLOWERS & CHOCOLATE) and sexuality (SPERM, Kinksters.). With each work I present, my goal is to confuse/disorient the viewer to the extent that allows them to gain a new perspective and thus reconsider previous judgments. In 2022 I curated my first exhibition, PRESENT, featuring 33 queer artists from Berlin and New York.

Condor Multicolor

Hailing from the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, XHOSA is an innovative and versatile artist who skillfully blends various genres to craft her signature, innovative pop sound. Since embarking on her music production journey in 2012, she has graced the stages of music festivals such as VIA FEST and the renowned SXSW. When in New York City, you can witness XHOSA's magnetic stage presence at prominent venues like Elsewhere and House of Yes. Her distinctive sonic and visual style has caught the eye of notable publications, including The FADER, VOGUE, and Paper Magazine, solidifying her status as an artist to watch. VIBE Magazine even proclaimed her as one of the trailblazing women "running New York City's underground music scene." Learn more at xhosamusic.com

@xhosamusic xhosamusic.com  
Scotto Mycklebust
Scotto Mycklebust is a New York based artist who has built a life and career around the avant-garde. Pushing aside notions of form and genre, Mycklebust thrives in his undefinable, ever-changing means of expression, moving from one medium to the next with ease and purpose. For Mycklebust, motivation does not come through creating something beautiful but from the creation itself, whatever form it may take. Using the moment as his muse, Mycklebust observes the world around him, noting the trials, tribulations and tenacity of society through the years. His West Chelsea studio, located in the epicenter of the contemporary gallery district, allowed Mycklebust to become involved in the West Chelsea art community as he championed and produced public art projects and events as well as launched and published a print art commentary publication titled Revolt Magazine. His public art events included the High Line Open Studios and the West Chelsea artist open studios. In addition to these endeavors, Mycklebust curated and produced numerous exhibitions, public art events and programs and continued on to publish another art commentary magazine titled Art511 Magazine, www.art511mag.com.
Qinza Najm

Qinza Najm is a NYC based Pakistani-American artist, born and raised in Lahore. She has been academically trained from Bath University England and at the Art Students League of New York under the mentorship of renowned artist Larry Poons. She has exhibited internationally at the Queens Museum (NY), Christie’s Art (Dubai), Art|Basel (Miami, FL), and the Museum of the Moving Image (NY), among others. Her work has been featured in ArtNet News, Hyperallergic, Huffington Post, the NY Daily News, International Business Week, Buzzfeed, and Herald. She lives and works in New York. Her interdisciplinary artistic practice explores gendered violence and female subjectivity. Utilizing performance, video, painting, and other mediums, the artist, originally trained as a psychologist, understands herself as a denizen of the world, using artistic means to create empathy and understanding between societies and cultures in order to address the deepest social traumas.



Narcissister is a Brooklyn-based artist and performer. Wearing mask and merkin, she works at the intersection of contemporary dance, visual art, and activism. She actively integrates her prior experience as a professional dancer and commercial artist with her art practice in a range of media including live performance, collage, sculpture, video, film, and experimental music. She has presented work worldwide at festivals, nightclubs, museums, and galleries. In 2013 she received a Bessie Award nomination for the theatrical performance of “Organ Player” and in 2015 she received a Creative Capital Artists Awards. Interested in troubling the popular entertainment and experimental art divide, she appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2011. Her first feature film “Narcissister Organ Player” premiered at Sundance in 2018. Also in 2018 she had a solo exhibition at Participant Inc. gallery in New York. Her activist short art film "Narcissister Breast Work" premiered at Sundance 2020. IG = @therealnarcissister

Photo credit: Ava Porter      
Maggie Negrete 
  A SWPA native & Vassar College alum, I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer specializing in illustration, zines, and hand-lettering. My work explores femininity, community, and the occult with aesthetics influenced by 19/20th century illustration, psychedelia and my heritage of printers. An important part of my practice is as an educator, focusing on elevating youth voices and promoting civic engagement through zines, storytelling, and typography. Additionally, I am proud to be affiliated with the Pittsburgh Zine Fair, the Notwhite Collective and my former workplaces, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, the Brashear Association and MGR Youth Empowerment.
@notwhitecollective www.mgglntcreates.com  

Chuck Nitzberg

Chuck Nitzberg (B.1953 ) is a New York - based artist whose use of disparate materials
implemented in non - traditional ways reflects an attraction to beauty subverted. His early
training in graphic design and illustration has influenced his approach to drawing and painting.
By focusing on the male image and centering on themes of identity and belonging he examines
formal and objective interests relevant to gender issues and gay empowerment in society today.




Rae Noir

Rae Noir is an American rapper known for his enigmatic lyrics and poetic expression.

Kelly Shaw Nyala

kelly shaw nyala is an experimental/outsider performance artist with a body of work spanning 19 years of practice. She gravitates towards sites in nature while blending sound, installation, & ritual. “new/mind/ritualz,” launched spring 2014; is a 56-movement performance art offering released one movement at a time. “new/mind/ritualz” ultimately explores memories, demonstrates moments of personal growth in the present, and invokes rituals of healing + action for the collective future. The artist debuts (movement 15) for the West Chelsea Festival of Art 2024 wherein she praises God/Goddess as Black & Femme. Her devotion centers on Oshun, the honey-rich Orisha of rivers and right love. kelly was raised among the cornfields of Eastern Iowa. From her present “city cocoon” in Philly, the artist is new to the era of her 40’s, which is magnificent, freshly integrated, hella welcomed, and hip hop centric. Follow her on Instagram @kelly.shaw.nyala

Galen Passen

Galen Passen is a sitarist, composer, and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. He lived in New Delhi, India between 2009 and 2017 studying hindustani music. The exposure to India’s layered history and diversity plays a significant role in Passen’s artistic and life work. He has had the privilege of performing at such prestigious venues as SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center), legendary folk venue Caffe Lena, The Center for Remembering and Sharing (CRS), Chhandayan Center for Indian Music, and Pioneer Works amongst others. He has worked with The Pittsburgh Opera, Brooklyn Raga Massive, Ollom Art Dance Company, The Silk Road Project’s GMW, and Korean Piri master, Gamin Kang. His visual work has been featured in arts publications and commissioned for books, album covers, and personal collections.

Emir Pehilj

Emir Pehilj grew up in the former Yugoslavia. From a young age he was immersed in all types of beauty and he was influence by colours, textures, music, and fashion. Growing up in a multi-cultural heritage provided him with the rich backdrop and foundation for his artistic ability. Civil war forced him to mature quickly. After fleeing to Denmark in 1992 his artistic talents begin to flourish. Two years later he landed in USA where he created a renowned beauty business working alongside the most accomplished players in beauty and fashion. Emir studied at Parson’s New School in New York City.  His work can be seen by appointment at his studio on East 55th Street.

Verónica Peña

Verónica Peña is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator from Spain based in the United States. Her work explores the themes of absence, separation, and the search for harmony through Performance Art. Peña is interested in migration policies, cross-cultural dialogue, and women’s empowerment. Recent works include participatory performances that create shared moments amongst strangers. Peña has performed in various countries around Europe, Asia, and America. In the United States, her work was featured at Times Square, Armory Show, NYU’s Hemispheric Institute, Queens Museum, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Grace Exhibition Space, Triskelion Arts, Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Momenta Art Gallery, Gabarron Foundation, Dumbo Arts Festival, and Consulate General of Spain in New York, amongst others. In Spain, her work was featured at Fundación BilbaoArte, Festival Intramurs, Casa de América, Fundación Antonio Saura, Museo Orus, and Fundación Caja Rioja amongst others. She is a recipient of the Franklin Furnace Fund 2017-18. She was a recipient of the Socrates and Erasmus Grants, and a Universidad Complutense de Madrid Fellowship. She was a candidate for the Dedalus Foundation Grant. She has published “The Presence Of The Absent”, a thesis about her body of work. She was a visiting artist at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She curates “Collective Becoming”, an initiative to make cities a place less hostile. She is currently at work on her new project about freedom, fear, and resistance, “The Substance of Unity.”



Dance to the People

dance to the people is an evolving collective making art without waste that promotes the valuing of life and demands justice for Indigenous peoples, people of color, and poor and working classes of the world, as for the stopping of the annihilation of natural systems. The collective creates choreographed pieces, environmental movement research, community forums, workshops, public practices, and performance parties, all donation-based and open to the public. Operating in NYC and Mexico.

  @dttp.nyc @dttp.mex  

Claudia Pérez

Claudia Pérez is a VJ, and digital artist. Her visuals have been used for festivals and performances all over the world. Claudia has also worked with world-renowned artists like Marylin Minter, Boston Bun, Madison McFerrin, Ella Vos, etc.
@clau.zerez www.zerezarts.com  
Fanny Pérez
Fanny Pérez Gutiérrez is a movement artist and explorer and facilitator of practices of trance and ecstasy for spiritual development, healing, journeying, shape-shifting and connection to the divine. Through her work, she seeks to demystify important aspects of life that we’ve been conditioned to undermine and support and make way for the radical change of perspective that is so needed in this world where many have been “educated” to reject nature and intuition, which she believes is a rejection of self.

Connie Perry 

Connie Danger is a songwriter and performance artist. His performance is threefold: epic songs, glamorous outfits, & mind-expanding light show. The show is an Ode to the pageantry of pop music, from Bowie to Madonna and beyond--and it is wildly compelling if it were only this. But Connie aims for something greater than homage--he aims to incite a spiritual experience. Indeed: Connie Danger channels his life into an opera of struggle, love, & fantastic rebirth. His performance will tear away the cage of your inhibition and rocket you into an awakening and celebration of the YOU of your wildest fantasies

@dearcards www.youtube.com/theconnieawards  
Nikki Phillip aka NIKKI DA GOD aka NEFFERNIKKI
American rapper, CEO, Spiritual Poet, Super Model Goddess As Seen on MTV MTVIGGY CMT, VH1 Beauty Bar, ESSENCE TV, JUDGE JERRY & VOGUE ⚜, etc.
@nikkiphillip @thenikkiphillipexperience  
Paperboy Prince

Paperboy Love Prince is a remarkable individual who seamlessly blends the worlds of politics and artistry, leaving an indelible mark on both. As a prolific artist, Paperboy Love Prince has organized countless community events, shows, and concerts, hosting over a thousand performers. Their creativity knows no bounds, and their artistic endeavors have touched the lives of many. Their passion for the arts extends beyond their own talents, as they have mentored numerous young individuals in both arts and politics. Recognized for their remarkable achievements, Paperboy Love Prince has been featured in prestigious publications such as Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Political Review, and The New Yorker. They were recognized and awarded for their achievements by the Harvard University Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. Brooklyn Magazine named them one of the 50 most influential people in Brooklyn, a testament to the profound impact they have had on their community. With an extensive discography comprising over 100 self-produced music videos, Paperboy Love Prince has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. Their groundbreaking 500-song album, created in collaboration with tech company "Boomy" and over 180 artists, showcases their ability to push boundaries and innovate.

Zora Ilunga-Reed

Zora Ilunga-Reed is an artist based in New York City. Her creative practice spans media from soft sculpture to animation, rooted in the praxis of “figuring it out,” whether that means asking questions or crafting figurative pieces. Learn more about her and her work at zilungareed.com.

@zipzapzOp www.zilungareed.com  
Frank Rivera

Frank Rivera is an American painter born in 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio. He made his first trip to New York City in 1958, where he visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was captivated by the 15th Century masters, including Hans Memling and Sassetta. He also showed an early fondness for the art of the predella (small serial panels affixed to the bottom of an altarpiece) although it did not become evident as an influence in his own art until many years later. A graduate student at Yale Art School (1961-62), Rivera left when he was invited to teach at Michigan State University. There he encountered a string of visiting luminaries, including art writer Clement Greenberg, who encouraged him to leave the Midwest. Within a month, Rivera had quit teaching to go to Paris. He rented a studio in the French capital where he worked during much of 1964. The artist still visits France on an annual basis. Upon his return to the U.S. in 1964, Rivera obtained a job as a guard at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. He lived in New York almost continuously for the next 15 years, absorbing the dominant influences of his time. He continued to paint, showing in galleries and in the Whitney Biennial during the 1970s, while also teaching full-time at a community college in New Jersey. He abandoned his large-scale abstractions in favor of a much smaller scale and a narrative approach.


Grace Roselli

Grace Roselli is a Brooklyn, NY based artist known for projects that visually explore womxn’s narratives, impact and legacy. Her work has been included in a variety of publications and exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her ongoing photographic portrait series, Pandora’s BoxX Project, has received 2023 grants from New York State Council on the Arts, the Puffin Foundation, the Barbara Deming ‘Money for Women’ Memorial Fund and a New York Foundation for the Arts Fiscal Sponsorship. Pandora has been exhibited and discussed at venues including the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn NY; Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, PA in collaboration with Alma|Lewis, a Pittsburgh, PA gallery and residency spacedevoted to Black artists; Zurcher Gallery, New York, NY, and online, hosted by ‘Artists Talk On Art’. Upcoming venues include the Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC.

@gracerosellistudio www.pandorasboxxproject.com  
Lucien Samaha

My roots as an artist stem from the love of photography since the age of 14. My practice has always been independent of commercial confinements, so I have enjoyed the medium in its purest forms and in many of its sub-genres.  That said, I have also evolved as an artist, relying mostly on works initiated as photographic captures, but also with the usage of photographic technologies in mostly unconventional ways. In fact I love to break the rules, almost invariably resulting in artworks that even surprise me I often use defunct, obsolete, and even malfunctioning equipment to create images in combination with expired materials and often with substrates not designed to be used in ink processes. Furthermore, with time, I have felt even more free to combine a variety of these processes to create new works.

Destiny Santana
As an artist, I am essentially interested in creating artworks that intentionally stimulate the mind. Depicting pshycologically different and yet simultaneous states of mind that visually strike the eye.
With influences I’ve adopted from New York City, my paintings vividly capture the emotional realities of the young American black female artist experience. Painting from multiple different perspectives at one time, my work will accurately explore and represent the richness and diversity of my community and its connection to the world at large.
Peter Schepper

PMS is an artist who creates Marionettes from objects he finds around the city. A lot of the components are plastic and Styrofoam: things that are harmful to the environment. All that litter is gold. He is a framer by trade, and works in a frame shop in Brooklyn Heights, and also frames for the ICP & Leslie-Lohman Museums.

Susan Schwalb

Susan Schwalb is one of the foremost figures in the current silverpoint revival. Born in New York City in 1944 she studied at Carnegie-Mellon University and has had over 50 solo exhibitions in galleries and museums world-wide. Schwalb’s oeuvre ranges from drawings and artist books on paper to paintings on wood panels. Her work is represented in most of the major public collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the National Gallery, Washington DC, The British Museum, London, The Brooklyn Museum, NY, The Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Kupferstichkabinett - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Germany, The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT, Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.


Isabelle Schneider
Isabelle Schneider is a photographic mixed media artist based in Ridgewood, Queens. Her meditative, lens-based mixed media works are a surreal convergence of shadows and light reflections, evoking a sense of peace and neighborhood bliss, and often encapsulating a harmony of nature and modernity. She is a graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and has been a fine art studio assistant to many accomplished artists and designers, as well as a curatorial assistant and an organizer/curator in her own art community of Ridgewood, Queens. Her work has been exhibited by Trestle Gallery, Field Projects, The Yard Art Program, Local Project, Artspace 109 and Art511 Magazine, as well as in juried competitions and West Chelsea Highline Open Studios events.
Samantha Sea Sea 

Samantha CC is a New York based performance artist who works with video, sound, movement, poetry and the human voice. Their work explores multiple themes such as inter generational hopes/traumas/joy, Afro Futurism, magical realism, mental health, Black spiritual traditions, and connection to water. She started working in performance in 2015 after participating in a series of ensemble performances directed by Monica Mirabile. Samantha has performed at Wild Project, Secret Project Robot, MoMA PS1, Essex Flowers, La Plaza Cultural Community Garden and Roulette Intermedium among many other spaces. She recently started a pop up performance venue/curatorial project called irrelevent art space that showcases performance art, poetry, and music, and strives to create an environment where people can bring their young children to shows. This project was inspired by Samantha’s experience of becoming a parent and realizing how few forward thinking family friendly venues existed in NYC.

@samantha_sea_sea Samanthacc.me  
Maa Shiyah

Maashiyah (also rendered 〠_〠◬◬ᓪᓗʜ∵Y𓁹H ) is an American rapper, music producer, and occultist. Known for his deeply spiritual approach to the freestyle and demonstrated psychic abilities (ESP). Speaking in rhyme to the beat and channeling universal intelligence effortlessly, Maashiyah’s ‘rap’ unlocks universal portals, heightens vibrations and answers metaphysical riddles. As sacred griot fusing modern and ancient tongues, Maashiyah recalls known scholar Robert Farris Thompson’s allusions to blackness as a transcendental state of being.


Gabriel J. Shuldiner

A native New Yorker, Gabriel J. Shuldiner was born and raised in the chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. he holds a bachelor of arts in business and philosophy from new york university and a master of fine arts in painting and sculpture from parsons the new school for design. he has previously studied at the school of visual arts and international center for photography. upon graduating from parsons, Gabriel J. Shuldiner was selected by the Bronx Museum of the arts 'aim' [artist in the market-place] emerging artist program, and the elizabeth foundation for the arts studio residency program, where he spent several years. He is currently represented by maison gerard in New York City. His ongoing oeuvre examines the physical and psychological qualities of visual experience through the use of black paint. Gabriel J. Shuldiner lives and works in manhattan’s west chelsea, where he currently maintains his studio.
Julia Sinelnikova

Julia Sinelnikova is an interdisciplinary artist who works with holograms, performance, and digital culture. Their light installations have been exhibited internationally, and they have performed widely as The Oracle. They have received commissions from NYC Parks Department (twice), The City of Tallahassee, NYCDOT, Pace University, Michael Madden (Maroon 5), Gilbertsville Expressive Movement, Refinery29, GIPHY, and Webster Hall. Heavily inspired by electronic music, Sinelnikova has designed sculptural sets for performers including Lee Burridge, Machinedrum, The GZA (Wu Tang Clan), Peaches, Juliana Huxtable, and Aurora Halal. Selected profiles of their work have appeared in The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, VICE, Artnet, Huffington Post, The Creators Project, PAPER Mag, and The New Criterion. In 2019 The Contemporary Art Museum of Houston (CAMH) commissioned the artist for their 2020 gala, and Sinelnikova's “Crystal Veil II” installation went on view at the museum in September 2021.


vimeo.com/oracle666 giphy.com/oracle666
Jeremy D. Slater
Jeremy D. Slater is an intermedia artist and composer working in the areas of sound, video, computer art, performance, and installation. He was born in Reading, England and a graduate of both SUNY College at Buffalo and School of Visual Arts with an MFA in Computer Art. Performances include sound and live performed video that is ambient and sometimes interactive/reactive. His sound work consists of field recordings as a base to create compositions with guitar, objects, ambient noise, environmental sound, and other instruments. Video work includes single and multiple channel videos for screening and installations with sound and ephemeral sculpture. He was one of the 1999 recipients of the Computer Art Fellowship from New York Foundation of the Arts (NYFA) and has attended the Experimental Television Residency, was guest musician at Watermill Center and HERE with Cave/Leimay, and was artist in residence at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon in Seoul, South Korea. He has exhibited and performed in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, and Japa


Mental Stamina
William Stuart

William C Stuart (b. 1975, Bronx, NY) is an American artist currently working in New York, with a studio in the West Chelsea Arts Building.  Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colgate University with Honors in Studio Art and was the recipient of the John F Fitchen III Art Prize in 1998.  Worked independently in Paris in 1995 and 1998.  In 2002, he founded Costantini Design, a high end furniture and lighting company with workshops in the US and Buenos Aires.  His works have been shown internationally and span sculpture, video, painting, photography, and writing, among others.

@williamcstuart www.williamcstuart.com  

Jos Stump

After a career as writer and editor in The Netherlands, I started making art later in life. First I did a BA Ceramic Design in Glasgow, Scotland. Having moved to New York, I explored other mediums: painting, printmaking, and drawing with oil pastels. My abstract works investigate the perception of chaos in nature. My inspirations are many, but especially the continuous cycles of systems getting out of balance and finding their balance again. Creating order out of chaos and reflecting on complexity is part of my creative process. My way of working is by chance. Taking chances to achieve the unpredictable and working by chance so I can spontaneously interact with the mediums I am using. Chance invites me to change with the tides, to broaden horizons, enrich experiences, and try new avenues. This summer I started transferring my artwork to fabric and making clothes with it.


Isis Swaby

Harlem girl/Jamaican roots, Swaby is a rapper and multidisciplinary artist who lives in a space of creating raps with sonically wordplay and productions. With a sound/dub experimentation that has taken her to many places and spaces, as a DJ/Producer. Swaby toured Europe and parts of Japan, Asia. Swaby performed at OPEN in Japan, Kingston Dub Club in Jamaica and RADIO RAHEEM in Milan, Italy. Swaby is releasing her Ep, Crystal Baby Manifesto.

 @isisswaby isisswaby.bandcamp.com/album/naked-lunch-ep
Nikki Sweet
Nikki Sweet is a queer Brooklyn based artist and self identified shameless slut. She creates art to help her make sense of the world and she shares it to help make the world less senseless. She began as a poet, moved on to performance art, and married the two by performing to original music. Nikki loves art because there’s nothing she enjoys more in this life than connecting with others who can relate with her experiences.  You may know Nikki Sweet from her organization V.O.W.: Vibing Over Whoreism, or you might recognize her from the video that went viral on tiktok performing her song “Laundry Day”, or perhaps from the Paper Magazine article about her most recent single “Half Helmet.” She’s really thrilled to be a part of the first annual West Chelsea Festival of Art.
@xxnikkisweet @nikkisweetmusic  
MILL is the solo project of self made artist Tail Lore, the face of D.I.Y. in North Texas Underground for over a decade now nesting in Brooklyn. The core of her work forms from a deep connection to the spirit world through dreams alongside an experimental jazz & blues background.Through her metaphysical gardening & resourceful applications of various esoteric studies she is a medium by way of sound, movement, divination, prophecy & poetry. Grassroots from the bone-to-the-tone MILL’s sound swings like a pendulum. MILL’s first self released single ‘Hoot’, is a song about the gift of clarity by way of elimination, acceptance, and unlocking one’s own secrets from one’s self. MILL is currently crafting new work for its untitled 2024 EP release.
Drag performer based in Brooklyn, NY. Follow them on Instagram

Charlie Taylor “Cool French Girl”

Meet Cool French Girl, where an unconventional yet effortlessly chic lifestyle reigns supreme. Our brand is a celebration of the laissez-faire approach to style, a fusion of high-end and affordable pieces that exude sustainable, antique, vintage, and preloved charm. At Cool French Girl, we have a passion for finding the perfect homes for pieces that deserve to be loved once more. We believe in the power of personal style and encourage our clients to embark on a journey of self-expression through our curated collections. Whether it's a timeless vintage find, a sustainable fashion choice, or a preloved treasure, we're here to help you craft your unique style story. Cool French Girl isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle. Embrace the art of effortlessness and elegance with us. Join the movement, and let's redefine chic in a sustainable and affordable way. Discover your Cool French Girl today. Follow in Instagram @coolfrenchgirl


Born 1960 in NYC, suburbs raised. Completed a BFA at Pratt Institute in 1982 with Communication Design Honors. Also studied at Cooper Union, SVA, Pratt Manhattan, Parsons & FIT. He’s had Art Directorships at PBS’ The MacNeil Lehrer Report, Warner Bros Music, New Line Cinema, Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, MTV, Bloomingdales, GMHC, Rifat Ozbek. TRETierney  has been featured in Art Shows at The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, Edward Hopper House Museum, NYC’s Leslie Lohman Museum, NYU Kimmel Center, Parsons Aronson Gallery, SOHO Art Project Space, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.. The artist contracted HIV in Puerto Rico in the 1980s before turning age 30 and is happily a Long Term Survivor at age 63. His artwork through the years has helped my recovery tremendously, and is filled with fun, sex, religion, fear, homophobia, stigma, fantasy, faith, trust, literature and most importantly love.

Jessica Trovato

By simplifying movement to it's most basic form we will create a safe space. Here in this safety, we will explore our inner and outer space and dive into our most profound dance. Together we will push our creativity beyond our limits.



Kay Turner

Kay Turner is an artist and scholar working across disciplines including performance, writing, music, folklore, and lesbian- feminist theory and advocacy. Turner's most recent performance works center on an exploration of the witch figure in folklore and history. Called What a Witch the series includes "Hekate's Grove" ( with Karsen Heagle and Elizabeth Insogna), Five Myles Gallery, 2022; "Healing Persephone's Wounds," (with Elizabeth Insogna), National Art Club 2021;  ”Muses of Malta: Witch, Goddess, Madonna” (Fragmenta Contemporary, Valletta, Malta 2018); and “Night Hags: Visitation” (Parsons School Art Gallery, 2018). Other performance works include “When Gertrude Met Susan: A Literary Love Fest;”  “Otherwise: Queer Scholarship into Song," and Turner's new band "Kay Turn Her and the Pages" (with Viva DecOncini and Mary Feaster). Turner's books include I Dream of MadonnaBeautiful Necessity: The Art and Meaning of Women’s Altars; Transgressive Tales: Queering the Grimms (with Pauline Greenhill); and Before and After: What the Witch's Nose Knows That Andy Warhol's Nose Doesn't Know (with Zini Lardieri, 2021) documenting a performance at A.I.R. Gallery in 2017. Turner holds a PhD in folklore and taught in the Performance Studies Department at NYU from 2002-2022.


Yuko Uchida



Valentina is a Miami native hula hooping circus performer and clown that calls Brooklyn home. Valentina likes to mix ethereal music with a dash of good humor in her performances. Valentina gains inspiration from vaudeville, low status clown acts and flow arts. Valentina is most known locally for hosting a variety show called Lost Dog show and has performed in cities like LA, New Orleans and Miami. When she isn’t hooping, hosting, acting or clowning you can find her working at House of yes, taking alternative photos or doing performance art on the streets of New York City
Stephanie Vézina

ART IS ALIGNMENT: Bringing an intuitive vision from the invisible realms into our perceivable dimensions is the art of Art.  It represents itself in culminations of inspiration in "works of art" but through time these cells come to represent the building blocks of a larger body and longer story, a life dedicated to channeling the harmonics of our muse.  EXC.INC ART is the work of Stephanie Vézina, multidisciplinary visual artist, musician and performer currently specializing in large scale installations and set design, self produced music, structural wire framed couture, video and divinatory art. 

Caroline Villard

Caroline Villard was born in Stockholm. She attended Beckman’s College of Art and Design and School of Visual Arts. She has since worked in northern Italy, Hong Kong, London and New York. Her paintings aim to suffuse the everyday with a heightened sense of meaning, to offer insight through unexpected poses, compositions and colour choices, in images that tell a story.

Sophia Wallace

Sophia Wallace is an artist best known for establishing an iconography of the clitoridian. For eleven years, Wallace has sculpted, sketched, pasted, inflated and spoken this subject into indelible presence. Artwork-by-artwork, she counters a suspicious absence in art history, exhibited widely in the US and internationally including Portugal, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Italy, Nigeria, Australia and the UK. Her TED featured talk, A Case For Cliteracy has been viewed over 2 million times. She can be seen on BBC/Hulu’s Planet Sex with Cara Delevigne and in The Dilemma of Desire by Maria Finitzo, available on most streaming platforms.

@sophiawallaceartist www.sophiawallace.art  
Photo credit: Jenniffer Lima Pais    
Laura Weyl aka METAGASM 

Laura Magic Weyl aka Metagasm is a New York City based  filmmaker, photographer, and multimedia artist.  Her art explores sexuality, the urban landscape, and analog image manipulations to create visceral, poetic visual worlds.  She been exhibited in galleries and event spaces including Art Basel Miami/ HG Contemporary, Mana Contemporary, Karst Gallery, Untitled Space, Franklin Street Works, Superchief Gallery NYC, and Domicile Gallery LA.  She has large scale public murals in London and has served as Director of Visual Identity for The Box NYC and London since 2016. Laura studied Media Arts at Wellesley college.

Bethany Harper Williams

Bethany Harper Williams’ work explores the abstract in nature and it’s connectivity to the collective emotion, questioning what we see, what we remember and the emotions these evoke. It is not the details of reality that are important, it is in capturing a moment in time which is very personal to one yet common to many. Based in New York City, her work can be found in collections in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.


Noelle Lorraine Williams

Noelle Lorraine Williams is an artist whose life's work exemplifies her continued interest in engaging people in conversations using art, history and contemporary culture, as well as writing about spirituality in the United States.


Brian Soigne’ Wilson

I am a gay black Artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York.  I attended The Columbus College of Art and Design and The Art Academy of Cincinnati.  I have been in many group Art shows and have had several one person shows all around New York City.  I was flown to Japan to show off an ADIDAS track suit I hand-painted my characters all over.  My main medium is acrylic paint on canvas.  I paint beings that come from a realm I dreamed up called ZUBENELGANUBI.  I also paint portraits of people who I meet at New York City nightclubs (Drag Queens, Club kids etc.).  I alter their features in fantastical ways.  My husband Brad is my main muse.  I have painted and drawn him alot.  The painting I am submitting is called SLAYING MANTIS starring Brad Englund.  It is an insexual hybrid of human and insect.

@@theartofbriansoignewilson @brian_soigne_wilson www.briansoignewilson.art

Mareshah Yisrael

Mareshah Yisrael, Mixed-Media Artist and New York City Native, is best known for her unique play on shapes, angles and colors. A recent career in teaching children overseas, gave Mareshah a chance to bring art and play together. Using geometrical shapes and color at random, viewers are able to interpret her work in their own unique way. Mareshah’s works have been shown in galleries and festivals in the United States and abroad. Most recently, she participated in the International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Pretty Perv” which was shown in both Italy and Spain.



Nicole Zaray
Nicole Zaray's music is a combination of multilayered voices, found sounds and anti-rhythms, storytelling lyrics and synths. Her performances contain several characters as she sings live, with synths, layers of dance and shadow imagery. She has performed her solo work at Roulette, LaMama, The Bushwick Music Series and many other venues in NYC and in Europe, has been guest vocalist on several Moby albums and is currently an artist in residence at the UnCool Festival in Poschiavo Switzerland.
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